European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development Plus Plus
  • ECHORD++ aims at increasing ECHORD’s productive, bilateral robotic research discourse between academia and industry via unique, tailor-made tools.
  • Promoting a technology push by providing fertile ground for roboticists and companies to access the state of the art in robotic technology.
  • Improving the quality of urban lives by enabling technology and public bodies to join forces, and make cities smarter.
  • Improving societal well-being by bringing technology and public bodies together, generating a rapid advancement in healthcare.
  • Continuing on with ECHORD’s unique format to deliver tangible results faster and efficiently.

The mission

Europe has a long tradition of outstanding research and manufacturing in robotics. However, finding common ground between manufacturers and the research community has proven difficult in the past. Defining the future direction of robotics research has revealed to be the real challenge. ECHORD was established in order to promote innovation by facilitating the cooperation between academia and industry.

ECHORD++ will further stimulate this interaction between robot manufacturers, researchers and users. This goal will be achieved by implementing three different instruments: the Experiments, Public end-user Driven Technological Innovation (PDTI) and the Robotics Innovation Facilities (RIF).

ECHORD++ aims at creating new knowledge through advancing the state of the art and by developing novel technology from which new products may be derived. The intent is to act as a pioneer in new ways of community building for robotics and market creation.


We received 17 PDTI R&D Proposals in our call!

The PDTI R&D call closed on March 14th, 17:00 CET. We are glad to be able to announce that we have received an impressive total of 17 R&D Proposals from all over Europe.

Out of the 17 proposals, we received six proposals for "Sewer Inspection" in the urban robotics scenario posed by the Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Cicle de l'Aigua.


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The Peccioli RIF will host the RoCKIn Camp 2015!

RoCKIn is short for "Robot Competitions Kick Innovation in Cognitive Systems and Robotics" ( and it is an EU-funded Coordination Action aimed at the promotion of research and education through competitions.

The RoCKIn Camp 2015 aims at leveraging the preparation of teams to participate in the RoCKIn@Home and RoCKIn@Work challenges, the competition event that will be organized by RoCKIn in Lisbon 2015. RoCKIn@Home and RoC...

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14th March 2015, 17:00 CET ...

is the new deadline of our PDTI call for R&D proposals, extended for your convenience.

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