European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development Plus Plus
  • ECHORD++ aims at increasing ECHORD’s productive, bilateral robotic research discourse between academia and industry via unique, tailor-made tools.
  • Promoting a technology push by providing fertile ground for roboticists and companies to access the state of the art in robotic technology.
  • Improving the quality of urban lives by enabling technology and public bodies to join forces, and make cities smarter.
  • Improving societal well-being by bringing technology and public bodies together, generating a rapid advancement in healthcare.
  • Continuing on with ECHORD’s unique format to deliver tangible results faster and efficiently.

The mission

Europe has a long tradition of outstanding research and manufacturing in robotics. However, finding common ground between manufacturers and the research community has proven difficult in the past. Defining the future direction of robotics research has revealed to be the real challenge. ECHORD was established in order to promote innovation by facilitating the cooperation between academia and industry.

ECHORD++ will further stimulate this interaction between robot manufacturers, researchers and users. This goal will be achieved by implementing three different instruments: the Experiments, Public end-user Driven Technological Innovation (PDTI) and the Robotics Innovation Facilities (RIF).

ECHORD++ aims at creating new knowledge through advancing the state of the art and by developing novel technology from which new products may be derived. The intent is to act as a pioneer in new ways of community building for robotics and market creation.


Introducing PDTI: The instrument formerly known as PCP Pilots

road work sign

It was a bit of a surprise when then the European Commission informed us last Friday (12th December 2014) that we should change the name of our ECHORD++ instrument Pre-Commercial Procurement Pilots (PCP). The Commission claimed that using the term "Pre-Commercial Procurement" for what we are doing might be confused with what the EU is currently developing under that label. Well, that's why we called our instrument PCP Pilots in the first place,...

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14th January 2015: RIF launch in Paris-Saclay

Invitation to the launch of the RIF in France

The Robotics Innovation Facility (RIF) in Paris-Saclay will open its gates on 14th January 2015. Located at the premises of our consortium partner CEA LIST, the Paris-Saclay RIF offers Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and institutions not only easy access to its robotic platforms but also support on how to use them.

The RIF in Paris-Saclay is one of three RIFs being implemented in the context of ECHORD++. The other two RIFs are located in Bri...

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3rd December, Munich: Market Consultation Healthcare

We are very pleased with the Market Consultation for the Pre-Commercial Procurement Pilot in healthcare that took place on 3rd December in Munich. At this event both researchers and the public bodies, AQuAS – Agència de Qualitat i Avaluació Sanitàries de Catalunya, a public entity of the Catalan Department of Health, Fundació Privada Sant Antoni Abat, a non-profit private foundation managing and developing innovation and research in healthcare,...

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